WoundEx® - Unique bioceramic dressing pad for management of poorly healing chronic and acute wounds.

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Case 1 History

  • 78 years old female patient
  • Anamnesis 3 years
  • Stagnating defect with alternating healing progress
  • 3rdulcer recurrence
  • Various types of dressing had already been applied
  • Dg: venous insufficiency
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Hemato-oncologic disease
  • State of wound upon commencement of local WoundEx dressing therapy; dressing pads changed every 2 days

Case 1 History Evaluation

  • The entire period of treatment of the defect using WoundEx dressing pads was 5 months. This disproves the theory that dressing must be altered after a certain period of time. If the wound continues to heal, there is no reason to change the therapy!
  • The entire period of treatment of the defect was 3 years.
  • Throughout this period, the patient was prescribed strong analgesics, including opiates.
  • Neuropathic pain is difficult to treat.
  • Patient is currently experiencing no pain.
  • The patient perceives the result as a miracle: "Given all the markers – diagnosis, pain, anamnesis and the overall healing progress, I had not hope for the wound to heal!"