WoundEx® - Unique bioceramic dressing pad for management of poorly healing chronic and acute wounds.

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Healing Principle

WoundEx is a dressing pad for management of poorly healing (chronic) wounds that stops bleeding and accelerates chronic wounds healing process.

This recently developed patented zeolite-iodine complex represents an exclusive combination of absorption and cell-stimulating, haemostatic and antibacterial characteristics.

The iodine antiseptic effect onsets quickly and stays in effect for the entire time of use of the WoundEx dressing pad. The local infection risk is reduced to a minimum and the wound healing process is accelerated.

Via iodine continuous release from the zeolite-iodine chemical bond thanks to a stronger bond of water molecules with zeolite, WoundEx® safely and gently eliminates the present pathogens.

Stops bleeding

Zeolite in contact with a bleeding wound forms a chemical bond with water molecules in blood. Selective concentration of coagulation factors takes place and blood platelets are activated. Bleeding thus stops shortly after application. Iodine that due to its antiseptic effect prevents infection is released from the complex at the same time. Strong superficial tension of the zeolite-iodine complex stimulates creation of capillaries and granulation tissue. The natural wound healing process is thus accelerated.

Successfully manages chronic wounds

Zeolite has a strong absorption and adsorption characteristics (binding of molecules or particles to a surface). It absorbs the bacteria containing exudate from the wound, alongside with toxins and microscopic residue of the damaged tissue, binding them to its surface and neutralizing them. The wound deposit physical cleaning takes place enhanced antiseptically by the gradual release of iodine. An optimal setup for successful wound healing is achieved.

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